Establishment of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Spycimierz

The establishment of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Spycimierz in 1927 was initiated by the parish priest Stanisław Zaborowicz and the forest district manager of the Uniejów Forest Division, Stanisław Trzaskowski. Initially, there were 20 volunteers in a unit. Firefighters not only participated in rescue operations, organised training and took part in competitions, but they also became cultural managers in Spycimierz. The fire station was built in the village in the early 1930s.

Brass band

An important chapter in the history of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Spycimierz has been written by the Fire Brigade Brass Band, which was established in 1970. The first instruments were bought with the money collected by the inhabitants. The first conductor was Stanisław Wąsiołek, an organist from Uniejów. In 1972-2007, this function was held by a qualified conductor, Zenon Laskowski. At present, the band is conducted by Wojciech Smolarek.

Always in action

On May 3rd, 2014, the brass band from Spycimierz participated in the ceremony of bringing in the relics of John Paul II to the church in Spycimierz and the celebrations of the Commune Firefighter Day. Also in 2014, the new rescue and firefighting vehicle, which was bought in 2013, was consecrated and named John Paul II. Similarly, in 2014, the new fire station was consecrated and put into use. In 2016, the 11th Commune Fire Brigade Brass Band Festival was held, which has been organised annually in Spycimierz. At present, there are 65 firefighters in the Voluntary Fire Brigade, and they take part in 30 operations per year. Since October 2002, the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Spycimierz has belonged to the National Firefighting and Rescue System.