Rebuilding of the Corpus Christi procession route

The face of the village of Spycimierz has changed a lot over the recent years. This is also because of the very good co-operation between the parish and the Town and Commune Office of Uniejów. Another important factor includes the investments implemented by the Commune with a significant share of EU funds. The first one was “Rebuilding of the Corpus Christi procession route. Phase 1” (2006), which consisted in building a sett-paved road along the Corpus Christi route. The second investment was a follow-up of the first one, i.e. “Rebuilding of the Corpus Christi procession route in Spycimierz. Phase 2” (2014). As a result, the following was achieved:

  • a new field altar next to the church,
  • a pavement made of cast-iron slabs with bas-relief flower motifs,
  • a horizontal sundial (according to Jan Długosz, the first sundial in Poland was built in Spycimierz),
  • fencing for the school premises, where now there is a large-format gallery of photos depicting the tradition of arranging flower carpets for Corpus Christi.

Moreover, the well situated within the school premises was adapted for a fountain, the church was illuminated and the adjacent areas were developed – now, there is a small square with paths and benches there.


Another investment is planned for the nearest future. The four annually constructed altars are going to be replaced with ready-made altars in the form of rural shrines referring to the history of the cult of the Eucharist and the history of Corpus Christi itself.

A multimedia museum in Spycimierz

Spycimierz has a chance to become an attraction of cultural and folk tourism in the Uniejów spa. A facility with a multimedia exhibition is going to be established here, presenting the history of the settlement of Spycimierz and the two-hundred-year-old tradition of arranging flower carpets for the feast of Corpus Christi. Guests will be able to try their hand at arranging similar carpets on their own during special workshops or take a virtual walk around the village. Moreover, there will be a tourist information point and a souvenir shop here. A Spycimierz-Uniejów cycle lane is also going to be built, which will increase the village’s availability to tourists.

Road investments

As part of the project “Road rebuilding in the Commune of Uniejów”, the pavement of commune roads in Człopy, between Wielenin and Wielenin-Kolonia, in Orzeszków, Wilamów, and between Spycimierz and Łęg Baliński is going to be repaired and modernised.

In the village of Zieleń, a new traffic route is going to be built, which is to connect the commune road (the Uniejów section from the football pitch complex towards Spycimierz) with a poviat one (the section from Człopy towards Spycimierz). This should improve the everyday use of the route and relieve traffic congestion towards Spycimierz on the day of Corpus Christi. Establishing a connecting passage before the entrance to the village will make the village centre car-free, and, thus, put the Corpus Christi procession route at the exclusive disposal of the parishioners engaged in the arrangement of flower carpets.

Water and sewage investments

As part of the investment “Organisation of water and sewage management in the Commune of Uniejów” (co-financed with the Rural Development Programme), a sewerage system is going to be built on the Zieleń – Spycimierz section, as well as a water-pipe network in Lekaszyn and from Skotniki to Kuczki, including modernisation and development of the water conditioning facility in Wola Przedmiejska.

The next investment consists in modernising and enlarging the sewage treatment plant in Spycimierz, and rebuilding the existing water-pipe network in the villages of Wola Przedmiejska, Czekaj, Felicjanów, Wilamów, Człopy and Wielenin Kolonia.