Questions about tradition:

Spycimierz Parish Corpus Christi Association
Maria Pełka, President
phone: +48 725 279 530

Questions about the internet portal (including sharing content and photos) and about the activities of the Corpus Christi Center:

Spycimierz Corpus Christi Center
Jędrzej Kałużny, Director
phone: +48 663 098 202

Questions concerning UNESCO list and National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage:

Andrzej Szoszkiewicz
tel. +48 602 510 639

Feel free to contact us.

Community Archive of Spycimierz

Community of the Spycimierz parish and the staff of the Spycimierz Corpus Christi Centre work together to create a unique archive of photographs, artefacts, recordings and films

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