The gates

Brama z żółtymi kwiatami

Symbol of the passage

The floral gates are an interesting element of the route. Their number varied in the past – from the accounts of the oldest inhabitants we know that 5-6 or even 8 gates were built. The floral gates as a symbol of passage complement the symbolism of flower carpets.

Currently, two gates are erected: one over the route of the procession, the other at the entrance to the church square. These are solid structures, 6 metres high and 4 metres wide, which have to be prepared well in advance. The frame of the gates (in the shape of an upside-down letter U) is covered with conifer branches, into which colourful flowers are woven.

Garlands of the finer parts of spruce twigs intertwined with flowers hang from the top beam, on which a cross and a religious image are fixed. The preparation of the gates requires both technical and artistic skills.

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